Sunday, September 15, 2013

Highland Meadows Golf Club

Flooding here in Colorado over this past week has led to evacuations and major damage across the Colorado Front Range. This has led to not just travel delays and challenges but sadly loss of life and property. With safety in mind many people have had to scramble to make changes in wedding plans and arrangements.

Yesterday a call came in from a bride who needed a DJ that same day. Her DJ who had been hired months ago was not able to make it out of his home due to flooding conditions in his area. The Bride could see from the list of booked dates on my website that I wasn't booked (the only saturday in September), luckily my area has not been greatly affected and I had safe roads to and from Highland Meadows Golf Club in Windsor, Colorado.

She shot me an email listing the music that they wanted and just a few hours later I was there ready for the party. The event really came together in a pinch and I think the circumstances were soon forgotten, if only for a few hours. Stay safe Colorado!

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