Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Is It Important To Consider Hiring An Experienced Wedding DJ?

Hiring an experienced Wedding DJ is very important for the success of your event. Weddings are a very different kind of event and require a certain approach in order to entertain a crowd of people with ages from 5 - 105 years of age. DJ's who are inexperienced with weddings can make a multitude of mistakes which can cause your guests to start running for the door.

Experienced Wedding DJ's 
- Can deliver high energy introductions
- Always use edited versions of popular music
- Know how to play a wide range of music
- Can work your requests into the mix of music
- Have the ability to adapt to changing conditions
- Can offer suggestions on order of events
- Know what to play and when
- Are willing to help in whatever way is needed
- Have backup equipment 
- Are always looking for ways to improve

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