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Dec 18th 2013 Wed Afternoon Mix On KRFC Ft Collins 88.9 FM

Dec 18th 2013

Below is the playlist from my weekly radio show on commercial-free community radio. This is in no way a reflection of the kind of music that I typically play at a wedding or other private event. For more about the fascinating differences between DJing live events and DJing on the radio please scroll down to the end of this post.

Complete listing of all my playlists are available here

1:01pm Wire Faces “Morocco” from Diamonds and gold CD Album (Wire Faces 2011) L
1:04pm 14Ers “Get Some” CD EP (14ers Music 2013) L
1:08pm Wasteland Hop “Cold World” from Spokesbuzz Volume 4 CD Comp (SpokesBuzz 2013) L
1:12pm The Seers “Better Get Better” from Seers CD Album (Seers 2013) L
1:15pm Better Than Bacon “Texas Song” from Spokes Buzz (Unknown)
1:21pm Jimmie Rodgers “Everybody Does It In Hawaii” from 40 All Time Greatest Hits CD Album (EDI 2000)
1:26pm Rufus Thomas “I Ain't Getting Older” from Funkiest Man Alive CD Album (Fantasy / Stax 2003)
1:30pm Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite “She Got Kick” from Get Up! CD Album (Stax 2013)
1:36pm Cornershop “Brimful Of Asha” from The Greatest Hits of 1998 CD Comp (Telstar TV 1998)
1:39pm The Practical Stylists “KNow What I Know” from Post Script MP3 Single (SPAT! 1983)
1:42pm JET “Black Hearts (On Fire)” from bring it on back CD Album (WEA International 2006)
1:46pm Musketeer Gripweed “Thief” from Straight Razor Revival CD Album (Musketeer Gripweed 2012) L
1:49pm Buffalo Killers “Children Of War” from Buffalo Killers CD Album (Alive 2006)
1:55pm Albert King “Roadhouse Blues” from Albert King CD Album (Charly R&B 1983)
2:01pm Munchausen by Proxy “Keytar” from Yes Man CD Comp (Lakeshore 2008)
2:04pm Rose Hill Drive “Baby Don't You Know Your Man” from Americana CD Album (Slow and Shirley 2011) L
2:07pm Ghost In The Machine “Don't Look Down” from UnPluggediN (Ghost In The Machine 2013) L
2:12pm Warren Haynes “Tattoos And Cigarettes” from Benifit #3 CD Album (evil teen 2010)
2:19pm Pixies “Where Is My Mind” from Come On Pilgrim CD Album (4AD/Elektra 1987)
2:22pm Covergeist “I Saw Her Standing There” from One More Night CD (Cherry Sound 2013) L
2:24pm Gene Summers “School Of Rock & Roll” from Rockin' Bones 1950's Punk & Rockabilly CD Comp (Rhino 2004)
2:26pm Kim Wilson “I've Been Searchin'” from That's Life CD Album (Antones Records/Texas Music Group 1994)
2:31pm New York Rifles “Little Cuts And Alibis” from Girl Shaped Girl CD Album (New York Rifles 2012)
2:34pm Daniel Johnston “Walking The Cow” from Discovered Covered CD Album (Gammon Records 2007)
2:38pm Constant Tourists “Love Is Dumb” from Carry On CD Album (Constant Tourists 2013) L
2:42pm Smothers Brothers “Swiss Christmas” from " Curb Your Toungue,Knave!" CD Album (Laugh.Com 2002)
2:47pm Robert Johnson “They're Red Hot” from The Complete Recordings CD Album (Columbia 1990)
2:51pm Jesse Manley “Devil's Red” CD Album (Jesse Manley 2011) L
2:57pm Zach Dyer “Superman (New World)” from Somewhere On My Mind (Zak Dyer 2013)
3:04pm Lindsey O'Brien Band “Even Though” from Spokes Buzz Volume 4 CD Comp (SpokesBuzz 2014) L
3:10pm Creedence Clearwater Revival “Ooby Dooby” from Bayou Country LP Album (Fantasy Records 1969)
3:13pm Reverend Freakchild “You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover” from Chaos And Country Blues: The Best Of Reverend Freakchild CD Album (Treated And Released Records 2013)
3:16pm Big Bad Voodoo Daddy “Save My Soul” from save my soul MP3 Album (Vanguard Records 2003)
3:26pm Junior Brown “Joe The Singing Janitor” from Semi Crazy CD Album (MCG 1996)
3:29pm Little Willie John “I'm Shakin'” from All Around The World MP3 Single (King 1955)
3:33pm The Stooges “I Wanna Be Your Dog” from Funhouse (Elektra)
3:36pm Japandroids “Evil's Sway” from Celebration Rock CD Album (Polyvinyl 2012)
3:41pm Common Anomaly “Remora” from Spokesbuzz Volume 4 (Spiokesbuzz 2013) L
3:46pm West Water Outlaws “Please Be Alright” from Real Killer CD EP (West Water Outlaws 2012) L
3:52pmThe Epilouges “My Misinformed John Hughes Teenage Youth”from Cinematics CD Album (Greater Than 2012) L
3:55pm She & Him “Oh Boy!” from Rave On Buddy Holly CD Comp (Concord Music 2011)
3:58pm Black Keys “Money Maker”from El Camino CD Album (Nonesuch 2011)

The very best thing about DJing for a live audience is the real-time feedback they give you. No words need to be spoken, 50 - 500 people cannot help but let you know how the party is going. This leads to a certain trust and understanding between audience and DJ. This is called "reading a crowd" and is an absolute blast when you are good at it. I also like to encourage people to approach me throughout the night to make requests. This helps to really hone in on what the crowd might is calling for.

DJing on the radio is totally different. No crowd. No Feedback. There might be a handful of phone calls from people who are listening. They might offer a few encouraging words to go along with a question or a request here and there.

I DJ on a non-commercial community radio station which is even different from standard commercial radio. I have total freedom over what I play on daytime radio as long as its FCC compliant and not too aggressive. Some of the more adventurous music is reserved for shows later at night. I take my work and music selections very seriously, I work very hard to play music you won't hear on most radio stations. This includes a lot of local music and other seldom heard tracks from more well known artists.

Community radio allows me to really explore how music can go together and how to transition from one style to another. It's also a lot of fun to play one song and then play something completely different that the listening audience could not have predicted but will in my estimation enjoy.

The biggest difference between DJing for a live audience and an unseen audience in radio land is the difference in music. DJing for a live audience typically demands that you play more recognizable dance friendly music that will appeal to a wide audience. Community radio is a much more open format in which I can play the most amazing music without any consideration to whether or not a song is danceable.

Djing both to live audiences and on community radio is to me what I believe to be the best of two closely related but different worlds. I consider myself very lucky to have one foot in each of these two realms. Experience in one always compliments the other making me a better all around DJ and entertainer with every passing week.

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