Friday, January 29, 2016

Why I Like Working Weddings The Most

Weddings are known to be the most challenging and demanding of all the markets a DJ may work in. The age range of the audience is enormous, usually making for a much more musically and demographically diverse night than most club DJ’s would ever need to prepare for. 

The environment also calls for a lot more diplomacy and patience as the DJ can be made to feel like they are working for not just their clients, guests, other vendors but also the venue. These different groups will naturally not always be in agreement. This is where a good MC/DJ will step in to keep all lines of communication open and find solutions to keep your big day on track.

I find weddings to be the most fun for all of these reasons. It is much more challenging and demanding than other types of gigs. I happen to find the challenge and added demands to be very exciting and fun. 

So many things make working weddings very special to me, things like: Playing a different genre every third or fourth song, watching young and old alike dancing together and all of the “Thank Yous”” I receive from the newlywed’s family and friends. 

These are just a few reasons why weddings are the best fit for me as a DJ and why they are my favorite.


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