Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Is A DJ Right For Your Event?


Every now and then I will get a call from a prospective client where a DJ may not be the best entertainment option. These are usually wedding receptions where there will be no alcohol served, take place early in the day and with a very low guest count (40 or less).

Chances are that these types of events will be taking place where there will be lots of natural light due to them taking place during the day which means lighting effects will not be noticed. With such a low number of guests in attendance this means that generally the energy level will be lower and more laid back with much less focus on the dancing. In this case the volume level tends to be on the low side which lends itself to the situation much better than louder music.

Having an MC/DJ adds a certain level of formality to the event which would otherwise be lacking. This is usually what people wanting to hire DJ Entertainment for this type of event are looking for. Hiring an experienced wedding professional in a case like this is even more important than usual. Hiring anyone else would be a big mistake and an unnecessary expense.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Why Are You Not As Expensive As These Other DJ's?


I had a potential client ask me a very interesting question today during a consultation; he wanted to know why so many DJ's price their services well over a thousand dollars while others like myself do not.

There are so many possible correct answers to this question. I am not intimately familiar with what most other DJ's are offering. There may be more than one person on hand to assist with giant screens and live video projection or sophisticated light rigs which require full attention while another DJ sees to client needs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what can be included into what really should at that point be called a stage production. They are turning the whole room into a feast for the eyes and ears.

Another possibility is that they are simply asking for that amount of money because they are excellent salespeople and can produce high dollar advertisements and promotional materials which can sell people on the superior worth of the services they offer.They may attend big conferences where they attend classes on how to market themselves better and ultimately ask for more and more money. This seems kind of sleazy and somewhat dishonest to me.

I feel as though I am a much better DJ than I am a salesman. I do not employ common sales tactics and I do not strive to close the deal with clients during our initial meeting. I prefer to send people home with an agreement and the understanding that I will follow up with them in a week or two if I do not hear from them.

Personally for me it all comes down to comfort level. I am not comfortable applying pressure on people and I am not comfortable asking for ridiculous sums of money for my services. I feel as though my prices are quite fair and the level of service that I can provide is indeed right up there with all the biggest and most expensive DJ's.

How do I know this? Because venue staff will often tell me that I am among the best DJ's in the area. They get to see a lot of DJ's, they judge us on the job that we do, not on how shiny our brochures are or how well we can sell people on the idea that skill is always proportional to how expensive something is.