Sunday, December 20, 2015

Denver Colorado DJ - Twitter Feed 2015

    Booking Season Is In Full Swing! All 2016 Booked Dates Listed At
  1. Getting set up at The Lodge At McKenzie Place in Ft Collins.
  2. Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire Were Dancing to “Uptown Funk” All Along (Video)
  3. I posted a new photo to Facebook
  4. It is definitely booking season! A few inquiries just today!!
  5. Great article for anybody who works or lives in "Sound Town"
  6. Quick sample from a ceremony video I shot and edited earlier this month ...
  7. Watch this one to the end, you won't be disappointed!
  8. @McCRanch @Coloradoweddings @
  9. Photo Booth Pics From Sunday's Wedding at McC Ranch. Sept 20th 2015
  10. What a great sign from the wedding this weekend.
  11. I posted 16 photos on Facebook in the album "Sept 12th 2015"
  12. Virtual Photo Booth Pics From Sept 12th 2015
  13. All ready and set to head out tomorrow afternoon for a really special wedding at McC Ranch.
  14. Making some changes and cleaning house over at the website. It's hard work figuring out how to make a website...
  15. These Keepsake Wedding Videos are really coming along nicely. Take a look at
  16. I posted 77 photos on Facebook in the album "Aug 1st 2015"
  17. I posted 27 photos on Facebook in the album "Darby & Wade Aug 16th 2015"
  18. I posted 27 photos on Facebook in the album "Darby & Wade Aug 16th 2015"
  19. Back up at Ranch today. So many weddings there this year, why not another one? Lots of gig and keepsake...
  20. July was a great month and I was very happy to get things started in August out at Ranch on Sat. The virtual...
  21. Been working really hard on getting some keepsake videos edited and into the hands of past clients....
  22. Just got the first deposit check for 2016. Two more weddings pending. Never too early to get a good start on next...
  23. Request Cards!!!
  24. Ask and you shall receive! Request Cards.
  25. Getting music together for this next weekend FULL of weddings! Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
  26. Fantastic night at The Garden Room!
  27. Rhapsody is easily the best streaming service out there! I really love it! Anybody else use Rhapsody?
  28. One my favorite under the radar albums.
  29. Grad party in Julesberg Colo tonight. I wonder how much snow will be waiting for me when I get home to Loveland?
  30. Going over some music for a Wedding tomorrow. I am really looking forward to this one.
  31. Sending out some emails to clients who have booked a wedding in 2015. It is time to start working on those...
  32. Just booked a wedding yesterday over at The Lodge at McKenzie Place in Ft Collins for Nov 2015. C'mon Universe,...
  33. Estes Park has to be one of the best places on earth, just saying the name makes me happy!
  34. The Hilton Ft Collins is great! I always enjoy stopping by there and saying hello to the people in the event office.
  35. Getting ready for a rare non-wedding gig at the Denver Convention Center. This is going to be a fun one for sure.
  36. Excited To Announce JR Productions DJ Has A Simple Little App For Android, Iphone and Blackberry. QR Code Reader...
  37. Pretty excited to put this simple little app out into the world. Hoping this will make things just a little...
  38. A few very cool events coming up this month and next. Very happy to be in such a great business working with such great clients
  39. Lots of fresh changes made to the site this past week. Even got to work on that wedding guide!
  40. Really happy to say that my brand new PA system for 2015 arrived yesterday. This thing BUMPS! This is going to be great year!!!
  41. A few more booked dates added this past week. Is yours taken?
  42. The phone calls, consultations and bookings just keep coming in for 2015. I love this business!
  43. Been working pretty hard on getting going on some wedding videos. Please take a look and let me know what you...
  44. Two bookings came in today! One in the mail and the other at a client meeting. Big things are happening over at
  45. is a reboot and a rebirth of a few of my passions coming together. Stay tuned for some good news!!!
  46. Quite a few changes and updates made on the website today. I have a good feeling about 2015.
  47. Thanks for all you do Hilton Ft Collins! I am looking forward to DJing some more weddings there in 2015! Just booked one yesterday!
  48. Really looking forward to DJing some great Weddings up at McC Ranch in 2015. You all are great!!!
  49. The final version of the 2014 Highlight Video is complete! Get an idea of the people and places I have had the...
  50. Had a great meeting yesterday with Bailey. I am looking forward to seeing you in July at McC Ranch!
  51. Episode 49 is now on the rack! Take a listen if you are so inclined, it's a good one!...
  52. Alive Inside is an amazing documentary about the power of music to connect us to ourselves. Watch it on Netflix!