Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Your MC/DJ is your closest ally on Wedding day.

Every wedding service provider has their own priorities when it comes to your reception. The photographer has to get their pictures and the caterer has to serve the food and clear the tables. These and other duties are sometimes done without any consideration to how it may impact other aspects of the reception. Sure, you may need to take extra time for photos but to make your guests wait for more than an hour is a very bad idea. You need somebody there who is seeing the big picture and actively working to keep these different pieces from clashing in the timeline and potentially causing your guests to do the one thing that nobody wants; Leaving early.

Of all the vendors you may hire and work with on your big day, your MC/DJ is by far your best ally in the battle to make your reception successful. Your MC/DJ’s priorities are to keep the events flowing smoothly and to keep your guests happy while enabling all of your vendors to achieve their goals for the event. Being able to spontaneously see all of the pieces and then fitting them together is something that only an experienced MC/DJ who is tuned in to your goals can offer.

The right DJ will also be able to work with you in order to create more of a spotlight for you to shine, or to downplay that spotlight if being the center of attention is not your thing.

Choose your MC/DJ wisely as they are truly your closest ally on your wedding day.