Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Northern Colorado DJ - Complete Backup & Equipment Plan


To be considered a professional Wedding vendor I believe that you must be ready for whatever circumstances may throw your way. You need to be prepared to come through for your client because there are no “next time’s” or “do-overs” when it comes to weddings.

Now imagine your DJ is having trouble with his computer, he figures out that his power cord is not delivering power to his laptop and he doesn’t have an extra one and has no way of fixing the situation. Your reception is effectively over when his battery reaches zero percent.

Something as simple as one power cord can completely bring your reception crashing down around you. No amount of apologizing or refunding of money can give you back that moment that you needed music.

Now imagine all of the cords and all the cables that go to and from amps, speakers, lights and laptops. Now picture all of the electronics those cables connect to. There are so many moving parts that sooner or later something will go bad. Something just wont turn on. This is why I pack at least two of everything into the car to have on-site should any problems arise.

This is why I am so proud of hard I have worked to do everything I can to be able to step in and fix these kinds of situations because I have a Complete Backup Gear Plan. I am able to be completely confident that no matter what happens, no matter what piece of equipment may go out, that I will always be able to continue on with my performance. 

Any DJ who says their equipment has never had any problems is either lying or they are overdue for equipment failure. Make sure your DJ has a Complete Backup Gear Plan & that all of the backup gear is on-site. This is the best insurance policy against that nasty old Murphy and his law.