Friday, January 29, 2016

Why I Like Working Weddings The Most

Weddings are known to be the most challenging and demanding of all the markets a DJ may work in. The age range of the audience is enormous, usually making for a much more musically and demographically diverse night than most club DJ’s would ever need to prepare for. 

The environment also calls for a lot more diplomacy and patience as the DJ can be made to feel like they are working for not just their clients, guests, other vendors but also the venue. These different groups will naturally not always be in agreement. This is where a good MC/DJ will step in to keep all lines of communication open and find solutions to keep your big day on track.

I find weddings to be the most fun for all of these reasons. It is much more challenging and demanding than other types of gigs. I happen to find the challenge and added demands to be very exciting and fun. 

So many things make working weddings very special to me, things like: Playing a different genre every third or fourth song, watching young and old alike dancing together and all of the “Thank Yous”” I receive from the newlywed’s family and friends. 

These are just a few reasons why weddings are the best fit for me as a DJ and why they are my favorite.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Why Are You Not As Expensive As These Other DJ's?
I once had a potential client ask me a very interesting question during a consultation; he wanted to know why so many DJ's price their services well over a thousand dollars while others like myself do not.

There are so many possible correct answers to this question. I am not intimately familiar with what most other DJ's are offering. There may be more than one person on hand to assist with giant screens and live video projection or sophisticated light rigs which require full attention while another DJ sees to client needs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what can be included into what really should at that point be called a stage production. They are turning the whole room into a feast for the eyes and ears.

Another possibility is that they are simply asking for that amount of money because they are excellent salespeople and can produce high dollar advertisements and promotional materials which can sell people on the superior worth of the services they offer. They may attend big conferences where they attend classes on how to market themselves better and ultimately ask for more and more money. This seems kind of sleazy and somewhat dishonest to me.

I feel as though I am a much better DJ than I am a salesman. I do not employ common sales tactics and I do not strive to close the deal with clients during our initial meeting. I prefer to send people home with an agreement and the understanding that I will follow up with them in a week or two if I do not hear from them.

Personally for me it all comes down to comfort level. I am not comfortable applying pressure on people and I am not comfortable asking for ridiculous sums of money for my services. I feel as though my prices are quite fair and the level of service that I can provide is indeed right up there with all the biggest companies and most expensive DJ's.

How do I know this? Because venue staff will often tell me that I am among the best DJ's in the area. They get to see A LOT of DJ's, they judge us on the job that we do, not on how shiny our brochures are or how well we can sell people on the idea that skill is always proportional to how expensive something is.

There are indeed some diamonds in the rough out there among all the dirtballs and worms. Watch one of my demo videos and I think you will see the high value that I can provide for a very reasonable cost.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is Wedding Experience Important?

Why Is It Important To Consider Hiring An Experienced Wedding DJ?

Jan 19th 2016 

Hiring an experienced Wedding DJ is very important for the success of your event. Weddings are a very different kind of event and require a different approach in order to entertain a crowd of people between 5 & 105 years of age. DJ's who are inexperienced with weddings can make a multitude of small mistakes which can cause your guests to start running for the door. Don’t let inexperience cause your friends and family to start thinking about all the other things they could be doing. After all, the laundry, Netflix and taxes can wait.

Experienced Wedding MC/DJ's 

- Can deliver clear, high energy introductions 

- Always use edited versions of popular music 

- Know how to play a wide range of music at the right time

- Can work your requests into the mix of music

- Have the ability to adapt to ever changing conditions

- Can offer suggestions on order of events and know how to orchestrate them

- Are willing to help in whatever way is needed 

- Have backup equipment  

- Are always looking for ways to improve and learn from every gig